Into the Beyond by Ariana August

Following on the new theme for my blog: promoting self-published writers.

Next up is Ariana August with her novel: Into the Beyond (Book One of The Legerdemain Series).

Read on for the novel's blurb and a short article by August, discussing her work and inspiration.

“Even lies carry their own version of the truth.”


When Esme's parents forsake the safety of the domed city of Legerdemain and vanish into the Desertlands of the Beyond, she vows she will never become like them: a Leaver. 

But years later, when Esme's friend Theia also chooses exile in the Beyond rather than submit to the Council's cruel whims, Esme makes an irrevocable decision -- one that will forever alter the deep, complex bond she shares with Theia.

Exploring the Beyond is more dangerous than Esme could have imagined -- and that includes her intensifying attraction for someone who could cost her everything: her friends, her newfound freedom, and perhaps even her life...

I wrote Into The Beyond (Book One of The Legerdemain Series), after waking one morning from an especially vivid dreamscape during which I met the main character, Esme. I knew I had to tell her story, and I began writing almost immediately! Other aspects of this series were inspired by a wide variety of things: the vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road, Biosphere 2 (well worth a Google search!), and some Steampunk/Wild West elements (including a rust-bucket of a hover train). 


I’ve been writing for most of my life, and am so proud that my first book baby is out in the world! Book Two, Through The Beyond, debuts in a few weeks, so keep an eye out! 


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