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promote a book in 2023?

How do


Answer: by talking and engaging with 

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“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency.
Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value.” 
Pete Cashmore

Social media platforms are responsible for launching and supporting thousands of successful authors, and this strategy can work for you too.


benefit me?

How can

social media


Social media is crafted to allow people to bring their ideas into the spotlight. There is no simpler way of spreading the news of your book than through a social platform.


Connecting and speaking with people online helps strengthen your image and promotes your works through positive experience and trust.


Promoting links to your book on online stores provides people with a direct source of information of your work, as well as a way to purchase a copy.


We offer a bespoke Social Media Marketing Strategy service, tailored to your needs, to make the best of your presence on social media. Working with you, we will create a strategy which will allow you to maximise your audience and create the buzz you want for your work, as well as connect with both readers and authors who share your aspirations.



can help

If upkeeping your own online presence feels an overwhelming task, or you would like the help of a professional in running your online profiles, we also offer our Social Media Management Service. We create and share promotional material specific to your works, build your community, and keep you informed on the progress of your social presence.

Account Setup

Creating a unique profile suitable for each chosen social media site

Content Creation

Producing imagery and graphics to share across your platform

Audience Growth

Targeting and expanding your online community

Analysing Performance

Tracking, analysing and adjusting strategies to cater to trends


The best conversational platform out there! Keep your audience up to date with your news; share advice and knowledge, build excitement amongst readers for your book launches and engage with a supportive Writers Community. Authentic engagement is the key to your success.


Is not dead! Allow yourself to be found by a strong global audience. Target a genre-specific audience geographically through short, sharp adverts that signposts them to your website.


If you're happy in front of the camera, this is the best platform to entertain your audience. Short, informative, visually creative videos can gain significant reach.


Social media is crafted to allow people to bring their ideas into the spotlight. There is no simpler way of spreading the news of your book than through a social platform.


Allow your videos to be found even easier on Google (who own YouTube).


Traditionally a network "for professionals" but is increasingly effective at building a strong audience of fellow writers. People look to be guided and informed here.

“Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.”

Susan Cooper


"Thank you Softwood for my bespoke Twitter strategy! So many things I've never thought of are included - I feel reinvigorated to promote my book through Twitter because of your ideas and guidance. Thank you so much!"

From  £75

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