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This lighter edit focuses on the consistency of style and the flow of your text. Particularly suitable for non-fiction manuscripts.

From £0.011 per word

By reviewing your completed manuscript, we will check for any discrepancies in the plot, characters, dialogue, setting,

and style.

From £0.015 per word

A proofread looks for typos, spelling mistakes, and basic grammatical errors. 

From £0.008 per word





Are you looking for support and advice as you write?


Send us monthly instalments of your writing for friendly feedback of everything from structure to character development.

From £0.018 per word


After you've finished your manuscript, you might benefit from a critique to gain useful feedback.


Send us your manuscript and we will provide you with a detailed critique of the overall structure.

From £0.005 per word + £55 write-up fee

Formatting (interior design) 

Whether your publishing through a print-on-demand service, such as Amazon KDP, or printing your own stock, you will need to have your manuscript prepared for print. From children's picture books to fantasy thrillers, we can ensure your book is formatted to the correct specifications and to a high professional standard.

Just complete the formatting questionnaire we'll send you and we'll be able to give you a bespoke quote depending on your word count and number of illustrations.

Book on Table

Cover design

They say first impressions count. Let your book stand out from the crowd with a bold, conceptual cover that draws a reader in and promotes your story, suitable for paperback, hardback, and eBook.

Contact us to discuss ideas you may already have for your cover and for a bespoke quote.



A printed stock of books can bring advantages if you want to sell and distribute them yourselves. Once your book is correctly formatted to our printers' specifications, and you have your own ISBN (available in the UK from Nielsen), our high-quality, award- winning printers based in the UK can get printing! Remember, we take 0% of your book sales and we can also offer advice about UK book distribution and sales networks.


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