our Editing services

querying agents

We can compile a list of agents for you to query. Just pick how many agents you want us to help you with, and get in contact!

15 Agents = £120

30 Agents = £200

60 Agents = £350

90 Agents = £500


We can have a read of your work, critiquing the dialogue, setting, style, and development of character and plot. This will include an overall review and page-by-page commentary.



Copy edit

Content EDIT

Send us a summary of your story (or send us your full manuscript) and we'll write for you a 2-3 sentence pitch (known as 'the elevator pitch')

and a 100-200 word synopsis or blurb.

This is all to help you prepare before querying agents!

Proofreading is all about making sure the text is correct. It looks at typos, spelling mistakes, basic grammatical errors, consistency, factual errors, and layout.

Copy-Editing focuses on the consistency of style and the flow of the text. It re-structures paragraphs to improve style, argument, flow, and grammar, identifies omitted or repeated words/descriptions, improves clarity, and notes awkward phrases.

A Content Edit evaluates the text in detail. It checks for discrepancies in the plot, characters, and dialogue and focuses on the development of the theme. It looks at how well the sub-plots have been integrated into the story line and at the clarity of setting and style, the writing skill, and technique used.