Share a Document on Google Docs

1. Go to your Google Drive

2. 'New' (top left corner) - click 'Folder Upload'. A window will appear, suggesting folders to upload (see image below).

Using this window, find your manuscript folder on your computer documents. (Make sure the chapters are saved in individual documents in this folder).

Select the folder and click 'Upload'.

4. Double click the folder - inside should be your individual chapter documents

6. Right click on the folder and click on 'share'

3. Once the folder has uploaded to Google Docs, your screen will look like the picture below. This is a folder named 'novel'

5. Return to the previous page by clicking it's name

7. A small window will appear. Type in my email:

8. Make sure the symbol here shows a pen - this means I will be able to edit and comment on the documents

9. Click 'Send'

10. I will receive an email called 'invitation to edit' which I will then accept. You may receive an email saying that I have accepted your invitiation.