Maddy is the founder and owner of Softwood Self-Publishing.

She also works as an English Language Editor for MDPI.

She has recently graduated from the Writer's Bureau Proofreading and Copy Editing Course and has a BA in Philosophy and English Literature.

Maddy has also done a significant amount of writing, in various forms.

See her Writing Portfolio.

She is currently studying a Master's in English Literature.


writer's bureau

Maddy Glenn was selected as a Writer's Bureau Student of the Year Runner Up!

daily mail article

The Daily Mail released an article about Maddy Glenn and how she developed her skills in Editing. It also discusses the founding of Softwood Self-Publishing.

Read the article here:


writing portfolio

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Maddy was published in the University of Reading's Creative Arts Anthology 2015, Old Belongings

She did a public reading of her poem 'Play' at the launch event in May 2015.

Maddy was published in the 2015 Scribbler's Anthology, The Lake. Scribblers was the creative writing society at the University of Reading. 

Maddy has completed her fantasy novel! 

Read the Synopsis & first 3 chapters on Wattpad.

(Temporary) cover by Debbie Ramsden

Discover by Maddy Glenn

GENRE: Fantasy


Set in Shalo - the last human settlement on the island of Atlaan.

Four characters are on course to discover a new future; they run, they hide, they kill, and they go against everything they've ever believed in