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written by Maddy Glenn

Maddy has been writing album and gig reviews for Noizze, an online magazine, since February 2016.

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Martyn Joseph is a well-known Welsh singer-songwriter who is known for touring America a hell of a lot and doing everything he can to be hugely charitable. Recently, he was doing a music project in Palestine, giving children a place to vent and let out their emotions during an incredibly awful time in their lives. He has also done similar projects in Guatemala, throughout Africa, Mumbai, and in Canada. The ‘theatre projects’ for children give parents more time to work, to find work, and break the circle of poverty.


The venue was packed from the outset with the energy and excitement in the room running high. On stage at 20:15 on the dot and, straight away, began the first two songs, instantly owning the stage. He sung like he’s never sung these songs before; an unparalleled solo performer.

Evanescence 'Synthesis'

Synthesis is the first studio album Evanescence have released in the last 7 years and they're undoubtedly back with a bang. The quintet are well known for their impressive soundscapes and big numbers, but this new album redefines the term ‘epic’. The record sees the band collaborating with a full orchestra. With only 2 new songs on the album (Imperfection and Hi-Lo), they have taken old songs from their four studio albums and reworked them. They will be touring the new album in March and April 2018, accompanied by a full orchestra.

Kim Lowings and The Greenwood 'Wild & Wicked Youth'

Nowadays in the folk world it is a very common thing to be told that X band ‘perform their songs with a contemporary twist’. But Kim Lowings and The Greenwood actually do. They sometimes take traditional formats but make them feel fresh, new, and completely make them their own. They are: Dave Sutherland (Double Bass), Andrew ‘Jarv’ Lowings (Guitar, Bouzouki, Bodhran), Kim Lowings (Vocals, Appalachian Dulcimer, Piano), and Tim Rogers (Cajon). Wild & Wicked Youth is their third album: it’s front cover features a brilliant photo of Kim with horns (seriously, it’s a really cool photo).

Us and Us Only 'Full Flower'

Us and Us Only formed as a trio in Baltimore around 2009. After releasing four EPs the band has released their first full length album, Full Flower. The album is 12 tracks long with a indie rock sound. The band’s five members are Kinsey Matthews (vocalist), Sean Mercer, Mike Suica, Nick Hughes, and John Toohey. Masters of the soundscape, the band’s latest album explores a kind of sonic space theme that can be heard from the very first track.

Ruby Muse 'Just Like You'

Ruby Muse are a singer-songwriting duo, comprised of Jools and Malcolm Heyes. They base themselves in blues and rock genres, with a hint of Americana. Their music has aired internationally on radio, TV, and film, and has been used in award-winning TV shows, such as Banshee and Ravenswood.


Just three songs long, their new EP features tracks from their next full studio album - it’s a small taste of what is to come - a taste you’ll be craving from the first song. Even the CD itself is appealing with vinyl-style, eco-friendly packaging.

The Coal Porters at The Greystones - Sheffield (02/06/17)

The Coal Porters formed in Los Angeles; a band centred around Sid Griffin who was once a part of the famous ‘Long Ryders’ band. When they relocated to London, Griffin poured all of his energy into the project, and The Coal Porters became a successful and nationally touring act. The band’s style is distinctly Americana and Bluegrass, with a bit of Jazz mixed in. They use an eclectic mix of instruments to get their sound; double bass, banjo, guitar, fiddle, ukelele, mandolin, and more.

Dan Wright 'Drunken Words and Sober Thoughts' EP Review

His first EP, Lyrics on a Postcard, reached number 11 in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts, and now he’s back with Drunken Words and Sober Thoughts. Dan Wright, who grew up in Leicester, UK, has written a 5 track EP that discusses the breakdown of human communication, especially when under the influence. The sound of the album is distinctly singer-songwriter, though Wright has an unusually strong voice that really expresses the emotion of his songs.

The Coal Porters to Embark on Their 5th British Tour

The unique sound of The Coal Porters will be touring Britain for the 5th time in 2017. It’s a really major tour: beginning early May 2017 in London, and ending in October in Birmingham.


The Coal Porters have been together since 2002, when Sid Griffin turned from electric music to pursue a folk/indie/bluegrass/celtic sound.

Solana: Camino Album Review

Solana are a polyrhymic folk-rock group with Klezmer, Jazz, Folk, Latin and Reggae influences. Their members are Tamsin Elliott (Flute, whistles, accordion), Rowen Elliott (Fiddle, mandolin), Alex Dickinson (Spanish guitar), Henry Edmonds (Bass), and Elio Arauz de Marcos (Drums, percussion, vocals.) The album also features Lucas Arauz de Marcos, Gummo Clare, and Fran Acamer Mateu. 

Stick In The Wheel Present: From Here: English Folk Field Recordings

This album is a compilation of tracks sung by various big-time folk musicians including Jon Boden, Eliza Carthy, Lisa Knapp, Fay Hield, Sam Sweeney, John Kirkpatrick, and more. The album itself - the printed copy -  has an inside sleeve that folds out like a poster, with quotations from each of the musicians about where they found the song and why they chose it. This adds a lot of depth to the album and really helps to flesh out the songs and the overall aim of the compilation.

The Rachel Hamer Band 'Hard Ground' Album Review

The Rachel Hamer Band met in 2011 while doing the Newcastle University Folk Degree. Since then, they have gained an audience in folk clubs across the country and have performed at some well-known festivals such as Towersy, Berverly, Chippenham, and Whitby.


Their latest album, Hard Ground has distinct traditional sounds, with guitar and flute accompanying Rachel Hamer’s soft voice. The album explores the various lives that Rachel has come across, but also gives an insight into the band’s relationship with the North East of Britain, showing her heritage. While some songs are reinterpreted traditional songs and others are self-penned, the album really sticks to a traditional folk style.

Sally Barker 'Ghost Girl' Album Review

Sally Barker’s Ghost Girl is an album of love songs in a country and jazz style. Sally’s voice beautifully captures it’s emotions - and there are many emotions explored. Think Kirsty MacColl’s ‘Tropical Brainstorm’ - a song full of bluesy, country woman power. Barker’s first song of the album begins in this way; 'Emperor of Cool' is full of great comebacks and sass! I love it.

Torgeir Waldemar 'No Offending Boarders' Album Review

Torgeir Waldemar, nicknamed the Norwegian Man In Black, sings with a lovely tenor voice. He’s a Norwegian musician who debuted his first EP in 2012.


No Offending Borders discusses the devastation we encounter in our daily lives and how much more common it is becoming. It compares personal devastation to the global devastation of today. The album switches between honest and raw acoustic songs, to larger-sounding elements.The lyrics are craftily written, with political elements emerging from poetic lines.

Ezio 'Daylight Moon' Album Review

Daylight Moon caters for so many different kinds of music, while still maintaining it’s own style - jazz, folk, singer-songwriter, country,’s got it all. The songs reminds me of Tom Petty, Nick Drake, The Lumineers - yet it steadfastly holds its own style. The frontman’s rich tenor voice fits every song perfectly, capturing each style beautifully - he can make you smile, then dance, then contemplate life, then cry.

Introducing...Folk Law. Spotted at LoveFolk Festival, Southport

FolkLaw are known as an exhilarating, foot-tapping, energetic band. They’re infamous for entering the audience with their instruments (I heard fiddle crowd-surfing mentioned), and for their engaging onstage banter. They’re a five piece folk band from the Costworlds comprising of a drummer, a singer (who also plays the violin and harmonica, a bassist, and two guitarists (one of which is occasionally seen behind the sound desk instead). The vocalist, Nick Gibbs, is the founder of the group and the primary song-writer.

Mike Grogan - 'Too Many Ghosts' Album Review

Mike Grogan’s album Too Many Ghosts uses a mixture of song styles, from singer-songwriter to country. Each song holds it’s own blend of folk and american country sounds, and the album keeps a steady pop melodies throughout. While the rhythms used give it an American Country sound, the simple-but-sweet lyrics bring out an accessible pop style, and it’s the background instruments give it that folky feeling.

The Hut People 'Routes' Album Review

'Routes’ is a fascinating look at the many ways of using percussion with simple tunes - the tunes are all played on squeezeboxes, while the percussion instruments develop, envelop one another, build, and provide punchy beginnings and endings. It is clearly influenced by the many instruments and sounds found across the globe, stretching from South Africa to Quebec.

Jack Joseph Band: 'A Few More' Track-by-Track EP Review

London based Jack Joseph Band are made up of Jack Joseph (vocals & guitar), James Baldwin (drums), Alex Edwards (guitar) and Pete Wand-Tetley (bass guitar). They released their 5 track EP 'A Few More' on the 29th January, 2016. The band bravely decided to record 'A Few More' live – a challenge which, I think, they really pulled off.

Folking Around Showcase

Folking Around is a night of folk music held in Woody’s Bar, Kingston Upon Thames. The room was lit with a plethora of candles, and included quirky decorations like an old rocking horse, a bath converted into a sofa, ornate mirrors, and old cinema seats. Definitely a place to check out if only just for its atmosphere!

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