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M.J. Glenn

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They say there's a demon in the woods...


For two years, Ebony Wick has survived alone as an outlaw and highwaywoman in Rundlewood Forest. She doesn’t need people. She only needs to survive. But when Hunter Sparrow breaks into her camp and invites her to join his gang, the Bounty Hunters, she finds herself facing a difficult choice.
With a burning desire for revenge against a powerful enemy, Ebony must choose between reason and instinct.
But in doing so, she discovers a long-hidden secret that will change her world forever.


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"I love the way magic is just on the edge of everything that happens yet remains a mystery. Lots of twists and turns keep the story moving along at a good pace and we are left wanting more...
Can't wait for the next instalment."
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Hunter Sparrow is a young man, forging his way as the leader of the Bounty Hunters. But when he receives a letter from his brother,
things take a turn for the worse.


When Alastor's dream job is taken from him, he must find another way to protect his daughter. But with his cousin the way, proving his potential could take an ugly turn.

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