We edit everything, from poetry to short stories, fiction, non-fiction, and academic articles to training manuals


Here is a small selection of our recent projects

Unselfish Women, by Towanda Kilpatrick

Over 100 outstanding and powerful women sharing unselfish moments and advice about making things happen.

Murder in the Congo, by Beau Beaulieu

An adventure of many facets. Lottery winnings, quintuplets, special abilities, and an incredible story in Africa, working against forces of evil and find the best for all. It's a rollercoaster.

Home for Christmas, by Charlotte Forman

A beautiful short story for children, set in wartime; very reminiscent of The Snowman. Told from a little boy's point of view, this story will pull at your heartstrings.

Not a Crook, Just a Rook, by Robert Gwaze

A hugely anticipated novel by International Chess Champion and Grandmaster, Robert Gwaze. 

Alethia (Book 1), by Justin Lockman

A deeply imaginative and philosophical work of fiction.

In the Storm, by Osato Ayeni

A true life story of the interweaving lives of four women as they struggle through the trials and tribulations that life throws at them.

Leondari: The House of Whispers, by C.L. Nightingale

Two sets of failing marriages, thirty years apart, are drawn to the enticing but malevolent Villa Leondair in Corfu, a place that knows too much. Will Leondari expose Dora and Cassie's secrets?

Gods' Wrath, by David Brevik

The second book of a fantasy series, this book leads you on another adventure with Vipa, the Huntress, and Michael, the Angel of Death, as they seek the forsaken God, Ariel.

Old Sequoia Valley Series by Cassie Morse-Pugh

The hunt is over. Commander Thorne and his Warriors barely escaped the Old Sequoia Valley with their lives. But Thorne will soon find out that his troubles have only just begun.

Hear what our clients have to say about us


John O'Hare

I've learned a lot from the bad habits you've pointed out that I didn't even know I had let develop.

It has been a fabulous experience and has given me a nice boost knowing where I need to focus. Thank you for the great work.

Beau Beaulieu

Working interactively (using Google Docs) was a pleasure and made the whole process painless.

I have to give huge kudos to Maddy Glenn and Softwood Self-Publishing. As my editor, she was a tremendous help in pointing me in the right direction. Working interactively was a pleasure and made the whole process painless. I would highly recommend Softwood to anyone. When my changes are finished, I plan on using their proofreader service to give it a polished touch. Thank you again, Maddy. It was a pleasure working with you.

Mark Callow

Not only is Maddy reliable, she works quickly and effectively.

Maddy Glenn at Softwood Self-Publishing took my manuscript to the next level. Her constructive critiques made me think harder about the plot and evolved the story into something I am proud of. Not only is Maddy reliable, she works quickly and effectively. I am looking forward to working with her in the future to help publish a quality novel.

Robert Gwaze, International Chess Champion and Grandmaster

My experience with Maddy Glenn was a truly insightful and memorable one.

As a writer working on my first book, I was desperately browsing the net in search of an editor, so I was really glad to come across Maddy Glenn. My experience with her was a truly insightful and memorable one. I liked that she criticized me in a constructive, friendly sort of way and made sure that her work was always delivered on time. I liked all the suggestions she gave me, as they improved upon what I had said without altering my tone and my intent. What I appreciated most about Maddy was the fact that she not only detected most of the inaccuracies that had been bothering me, such as redundancy issues; but also because she gave me the chance to come back if I needed a run-through of my book. She even noticed and corrected small errors that I had not detected, so because of this, she gave me much value for my money. I really enjoyed working with her and am looking forward to working with her again.

Osato Ayeni.

Working with Maddy was a wonderful experience.

She was very professional from day one. We agreed on a timeline and a schedule and she was always on time. She was kind enough to give me loads of extra time beyond her contractual obligations when I was running behind on my deliverables. Her edits were great. I agreed with 99% of her suggestions or changes. She caught even the most minute of errors and paid attention to small details. She had great suggestions on how I could improve my novel without taking away from my creative process or changing my intent. She praised my story when she enjoyed it and gave respectful and productive criticism when she didn't. Overall, I would rate working with Maddy a 10 out of 10. I would definitely work with her in the near future and recommend her to others. Thank you!

Carolyn Goodman.

Maddy understood my anxieties on every level and was a calm and positive presence from the first moment we decided to work together.

The facilitator of my writing group, Dreamwriters, introduced me to Maddy Glenn, who I instantly warmed to. She understood my anxieties on every level and was a calm and positive presence from the first moment we decided to work together. She is well read and erudite, but not stuffy! 

Firstly, she looked through my novel and made helpful and supportive criticisms. She was thorough and polite, but also firm and decisive, and she “got’ my novel with all its twists and turns.

Maddy went on to do a full edit for me in a format I could understand and, over several weeks, we worked together almost daily, which was a boost to my self-confidence and was great value for money. I trusted her completely with my “new baby” and I welcomed all her comments and input.

Finally, my novel is finished and it has been one of the most fulfilling partnerships I have had. Together, we’ve polished off what Maddy tells me is a “wonderful novel”. Maddy is now working with me to help me find an agent and/or self publish.

She comes very highly recommend both professionally and personally. 


Cassie Morse-Pugh.

Maddy’s criticisms were truly constructive and helpful to me as a writer.


I met Maddy Glenn on a Facebook writing group I’d joined about a year ago. I’d seen her
post about her editing services and really liked what she had to say. I was so nervous about putting my book into the hands of someone I barely knew, but I am so glad I did! Maddy’s criticisms were truly constructive and helpful to me as a writer. I knew I’d missed a lot of those tiny mistakes during my self-edit. I was most nervous about changing my plot.

My worries were slowly put to rest every time Maddy made suggestions. She really made me think through my plot and guided me to make it more exciting and descriptive. Maddy really showed she cared about my story. The entire process was a wonderful experience for me as a new author. She took my rough draft and turned it into something I could be extremely proud of and ready to show the world! I’m looking forward to working with her again on book two!


I can see that she spent a lot of time and effort editing my manuscript and I’m really thankful to her for it.


I had been searching for an editor like Maddy for such a long time so I was really excited when I was accepted by her. She is reliable and caring and an amazing editor! I can see that she spent a lot of time and effort editing my manuscript and I’m really thankful to her for it. She made a lot of suggestions to the plot and pointed out a lot of mistakes that I hadn’t noticed before which helped me out a lot. I am incredibly fortunate to have had her as an editor. Thank you so much Maddy!


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