Celebrate The Seasons

Suzy Davies

A sweet collection of narrative poems to celebrate any season and any occasion: Easter, Birthday, Winter Solstice, Christmas. "Celebrate The Seasons" has poems that will delight showing children having fun doing things they love. Each story poem has dreamy pastel illustrations. Among the poems are: "Fishing with My Dad," "Little Bunny," "Baseball," "Dancing in the Rain with My Friends," "Teatime with my Big Sis," "Molly Cat and Me," "Ponies," "Seashore," "The Fairytale Princess" and "Summer Delight."

A Celebration of pets, friends and family life, this book teaches children about the wonder all around them; the sights, sounds, smells and sensations that make us feel so at one with the world, and alive! Ideal as a family share read aloud book, for bedtime reading or any time of day. Educational and entertaining, in recent reviews, the poems in this book have been compared to the work of Robert Louis Stevenson. In gift edition paperback on Amazon or instant download on Google Play.



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