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Children of Anshar

KJ Shadmand

Children of Anshar is a dark and epic fantasy novel following the perilous adventures of prince Sargon and his childhood friend Issur the charioteer; high-born nobles who become refugees after the great city of Dur Pilesar is overthrown and its royal family massacred. As the two friends struggle for survival and vengeance, they discover the strange and enigmatic race of Lamissaurs, man-bull hybrids who once served the kings of old; and the Semiramians, a civilisation of warrior-women without equal in war. With such allies and their own extraordinary powers, the two friends discover that there are very few enemies who can stand against them. Except of course, the greatest enemy of all: themselves.

Children of Anshar is the debut novel of KJ Shadmand, an Oxford University history graduate and university lecturer.


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