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Seven at Two Past Five

by Tara Basi

As on every other morning at exactly Two Past Five, frail Abi leaves the number Seven bunk-bed coffin, her home in the bunk-bed-tower, for her beloved workhouse where she crafts beautiful buttons. Abi has lived her long life entirely alone. Her only sorrow is an eternally recurring nightmare, Last night the nightmare did not come Abi is delighted and puzzled. In her workhouse, Abi is assailed by four strange women who charge her with the crime of Disturbance Potential in the absence of her nightmare, Abi insists on her innocence.

In the course of a single day, Abi is forced to battle though an absurdist, malevolent and Kafkaesque Justice system to fight her case and, ultimately, rediscover her true name and her lost faith.


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