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Till We're an Ocean

Ei Maroun

Twenty years ago, Kaan found Aalee, made him his. Theirs was an “incandescent endless love”—Aalee's words—until Kaan left Aalee for Denton, and Aalee found solace in the arms of Mat, who had been jilted by Denton for Kaan.

Fast-forward to the present, Denton and Aalee have died, and their deaths have made a bird of passage out of Kaan. A hermit who'll do anything to not love again—he blames himself for Denton and Aalee's deaths.

But he can't help having a chance encounter with Wylie—the man who prevented him from committing suicide after Aalee's death fifteen years ago—or falling in love with Wylie. One minute, he's pushing Wylie away; the next, the two of them are inviting each other on long exotic trips. Their future is bright until Wylie overhears a shocking conversation between Kaan and his friend. The past is never past. And the dead are never dead.