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“Even lies carry their own version of the truth.”


When Esme's parents forsake the safety of the domed city of Legerdemain and vanish into the Desertlands of the Beyond, she vows she will never become like them: a Leaver. 

But years later, when Esme's friend Theia also chooses exile in the Beyond rather than submit to the Council's cruel whims, Esme makes an irrevocable decision -- one that will forever alter the deep, complex bond she shares with Theia.

Exploring the Beyond is more dangerous than Esme could have imagined -- and that includes her intensifying attraction for someone who could cost her everything: her friends, her newfound freedom, and perhaps even her life...

God's Forsaken by David Brevik

Michel is the Angel of Death, feared and revered by all. Nobody dares cross his path – until he meets Vipa, a strong-willed huntress who will not take no for an answer. Forced into a deadly and reckless mission to destroy the forsaken god, Tragun, Michel must learn to get along with Vipa and her team: a vampire and a humanoid lizard. With Lady Luck fighting against them, will they accomplish the impossible? What secrets will they uncover along the way?

Have you ever had a dream so wonderful it followed you into the waking world? Do you lie awake, listening to the creaks and groans of a settling building, and believe that something strange and terrible is happening? Have you ever been unable to tell the dream from reality?


The Night Alphabet is a collection of 26 short stories dragged from the edges of sleep: marrying nightmares to detective fiction, ghosts to science, and the weird to the nonsensical. Author David Donachie weaves stories together from the ideas that cross the dozing mind, creating fantastical tales which will take you deep into the dream world and beyond. Inside you will find: cloud castles, flooded cities, haunted dreams, aliens, talking heads, insomniacs, and lots of cats.

A poetry anthology by American author Lucie Guerre, accompanied by her own photographs

This small collection of poems is a thought-provoking exploration of coming to terms with life's inevitable set-backs, and learning to embrace the future. James Fredholm writes with arresting honesty. Who can fail to be moved by such poems as Oars, Yearning and After the Fall?

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