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Client Testimonials

Beau Beaulieu

Working interactively (using Google Docs) was a pleasure and made the whole process painless.

I have to give huge kudos to Maddy Glenn and Softwood Self-Publishing. As my editor, she was a tremendous help in pointing me in the right direction. Working interactively was a pleasure and made the whole process painless. I would highly recommend them to anyone. When my changes are finished, I plan on using their proofreader service to give it a polished touch. Thank you again, Maddy. It was a pleasure working with you.

Mark Callow

Not only is Maddy reliable, she works quickly and effectively.

Maddy Glenn at Softwood Self-Publishing took my manuscript to the next level. Her constructive critiques made me think harder about the plot and evolved the story into something I am proud of. Not only is Maddy reliable, she works quickly and effectively. I am looking forward to working with her in the future to help publish a quality novel.

Robert Gwaze, International Chess Champion and Grandmaster

My experience with Maddy Glenn was a truly insightful and memorable one.

As a writer working on my first book, I was desperately browsing the net in search of an
editor, so I was really glad to come across Maddy Glenn. My experience with her was a truly insightful and memorable one. I liked that she criticized me in a constructive, friendly sort of
way and made sure that her work was always delivered on time. I liked all the suggestions
she gave me, as they improved upon what I had said without altering my tone and my
intent. What I appreciated most about Maddy was the fact that she not only detected most
of the inaccuracies that had been bothering me, such as redundancy issues; but also
because she gave me the chance to come back if I needed a run-through of my book. She
even noticed and corrected small errors that I had not detected, so because of this, she gave me much value for my money. I really enjoyed working with her and am looking forward to working with her again.

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editing portfolio

Murder in the Congo by Beau Beaulieu

An adventure of many facets. Lottery winnings, quintuplets, special abilities, and an incredible story in Africa, working against forces of evil and finding the best for all. It's a rollercoaster.

Home for Christmas by Charlotte Forman

 A beautiful short story for children, set in wartime; very reminiscent of The Snowman. Told from a little boy's point of view, this story will pull at heartstrings.

Not a Crook, Just a Rook - Robert Gwaze

​A hugely anticipated novel by International Chess Champion and Grandmaster, Robert Gwaze. This insightful book analyses his biggest wins and losses, while educating the keen chess player on developing their own strategies.

Do you often wonder what to do to become a better chessplayer? If so, then this much-anticipated volume in chess literature by Zimbabwe’s #1 ranked player is for you. Not a Crook, Just a Rook explores positional and tactical positions through the analysis of his annotated games.

With beautifully evocative images, Robert Gwaze gently nudges us closer to the secrets of improving our chess.

Alethia (Book 1) - Justin Lockman

A deeply  imaginative and philosophical work of fiction: The protagonist, Adam, explores and journeys through the many religions of the afterlife after a horrific car crash.

Unselfish Women - Towonda Kilpatrick

A coffee table book that gives back.
Over 100 outstanding and powerful women sharing unselfish moments and advice about making things happen. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Global ministers, ‘Black Girl Magic’ Judges, State Representatives, Fashion Designers, Humanitarians, Charitable CEOs, Social  Media  Managers/Influencers, Art Designers, Non-Profit Executives, Corporate American CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Actors, Engineers, Patient Advocates, Philanthropists, Filmmakers, Performing Art Directors, and Real Estate Developers - merged in one book to be honored as everyday women living life selflessly.

Writer/Producer and Owner, Towonda Kilpatrick started as a model in Milan, Italy, and since has produced plays, live concerts, shows, and more for the United States Air Force. She also wrote, produced, and toured three original stage productions. Towonda is CEO for 12:53 Entertainment in Atlanta,Georgia. 12:53 Entertainment develop original content created by writer/producer, Towonda: scripted productions for stage, television, and film.

In the Storm - Osato Ayeni

A true life story of the interweaving lives of four women as they struggle through the trials and tribulations that life throws at them.

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