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Copy edit

Content & copy edit

Detailed line edit,
including proofreading

Copy edit/proofreading alongside an in-depth line-by-line discussion on structure and technique

Basic grammar check

For 100k words:


Above 100k:

£0.006 per word

For 100k words:


Above 100k:

£0.009 per word

For 100k words:


Above 100k:

£0.010 per word




Blurb, pitch, & synopsis written for you


Detailed review, highlighting your next step


We can compile a list of agents for you to query. 

15 Agents = £120  /  30 Agents = £200

60 Agents = £350  /  90 Agents = £500




Client Testimonials

for Editor: Maddy Glenn

Osato Ayeni. July 2019.

Working with Maddy was a wonderful experience. She was very professional from day one. We agreed on a timeline and a schedule and she was always on time. She was kind enough to give me loads of extra time beyond her contractual obligations when I was running behind on my deliverables. Her edits were great. I agreed with 99% of her suggestions or changes. She caught even the most minute of errors and paid attention to small details. She had great suggestions on how I could improve my novel without taking away from my creative process or changing my intent. She praised my story when she enjoyed it and gave respectful and productive criticism when she didn't. Overall, I would rate working with Maddy a 10 out of 10. I would definitely work with her in the near future and recommend her to others. Thank you!

Carolyn Goodman. July 2019.

The facilitator of my writing group, Dreamwriters, introduced me to Maddy Glenn, who I instantly warmed to. She understood my anxieties on every level and was a calm and positive presence from the first moment we decided to work together. She is well read and erudite, but not stuffy! 

Firstly, she looked through my novel and made helpful and supportive criticisms. She was thorough and polite, but also firm and decisive, and she “got’ my novel with all its twists and turns.

Maddy went on to do a full edit for me in a format I could understand and, over several weeks, we worked together almost daily, which was a boost to my self-confidence and was great value for money. I trusted her completely with my “new baby” and I welcomed all her comments and input.

Finally, my novel is finished and it has been one of the most fulfilling partnerships I have had. Together, we’ve polished off what Maddy tells me is a “wonderful novel”. Maddy is now working with me to help me find an agent and/or self publish.

She comes very highly recommend both professionally and personally. 


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Books we have worked with

In the Storm - Osato Ayeni

A true life story of the interweaving lives of four women as they struggle through the trials and tribulations that life throws at them.

Leondari: The House of Whispers - C.L. Nightingale

Two sets of failing marriages, thirty years apart, are drawn to the enticing but malevolent Villa Leondari in Corfu; a place that knows too much. Will Leondari expose Dora and Cassie’s secrets?

God's Wrath - David Brevik

The second book of a fantasy series (the first being 'God's Forsaken'), this book leads you on another adventure with Vipa, the Huntress, and Michael, the Angel of Death, as they seek the forsaken God, Ariel.​

Secrets in the Valley - Cassie Morse-Pugh

The hunt is over. Commander Thorne and his Warriors barely escaped the Old Sequoia Valley with their lives. But Thorne will soon find out that his troubles have only just begun.

Ravyn has disappeared into the treacherous Valley and Laelynn has been captured by General Wolfe. Ravyn must do all she can to save her.

December 2018

Nobody Important

Nobody's body is taken by a demon who is out to destroy her. On the run, Nobody must rediscover the secrets of her past to be able to piece together her present and regain her physical form.

October 2018

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