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Let us design a strategy for your social media channels that will

  • Develop an audience base

  • Generate interest in your writing

  • Increase traffic to your website

  • Network with influencers and others in your specific genre of writing


Marketing your book is one of the most significant tasks faced by authors in the 21st Century. Traditional and self-published authors alike spend many hours a week promoting their works, when perhaps they'd rather be working on their next book!

Social media has become one of the largest and most effective ways of boosting your author profile and brand, but how do you know which platform to choose and how do you design an effective strategy that will boost traffic to your website or sales page?

Why does social media marketing work for authors?

With over 3.8 billion users, social media is a growing marketplace and the communities that have built up on each platform allow direct and targeted engagement with specific demographics. For example, the #bookstagram community on Instagram.

"Thank you Softwood for my bespoke Twitter strategy! So many new things I've never thought of are included - I feel reinvigorated to promote my book through Twitter because of your ideas and guidance. Thank you so much!

Shelley, April 2021

What's a hashtag and why is it important?

Hashtags (#WritingCommunity) are an incredibly important way of engaging with the community that you want to build around yourself. By using hashtags when tweeting, you will immerse your tweet in that global conversation and the community will find you more easily. 

Which social media platforms work for authors?


A fast-moving platform with over 175 million tweets every day. Excellent opportunities to build and engage with an audience, with more community features being announced in 2021. Will your book be trending tomorrow?


Over 2 billion monthly users with specific Groups being the most helpful feature for self-publishing authors to find collaborative partners or ask specific questions. Facebook ads available for targeted interest or geographic demographics.


This platform rewards creativity through 'beautiful' images and is now going head-to-head with TikTok by prioritising video content with its 'Reels'. Also useful for its 'Stories' feature and ability to stream live video. Posts and advertising can be shared to Facebook. 


Solely image-based; boards can be created so that you can share the themes, setting, and characters of your world to your designer and your audience!


Often overlooked by authors, this is an effective search engine (owned by Google) with over 2 billion monthly users. Useful for a virtual book launch and video book trailers.


Designed specifically for businesses and professionals - used for recruitment and to share professional views.


Once established on social media, you'll need to make sure your content is lively, topical, and engaging, particularly on a fast-moving platform like Twitter. 

Our content design will fit a bespoke strategy that makes your online personality stand out from the crowd.



Share your account with us* and let us schedule your posts and engage with your audience for you. You'll have more time to write that next book! From £25 ($35) p/hr.

*In accordance with our strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement


We understand that our clients do not always need every service that we offer. That's why we allow complete flexibility to request the package that best suits your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and we will do our best to provide you with the perfect package that will see your manuscript achieve the success that it deserves.

"Softwood's marketing advice proved invaluable to me before I launched my self-published novel this year. Being able to talk to a real person who understood my requirements made a big difference!"

Recent client, October 2020

5 mistakes commonly made by authors 

  • Accepting low engagement as 'normal'

  • Not posting regularly

  • Only posting when having something to sell

  • Liking but not commenting on others' posts

  • Relying only on a personal Facebook page

  • Search and use relevant hashtags to engage in conversations

  • Like/Comment/Retweet

  • Mention other account names to get noticed

  • Use links, photos, or gifs to illustrate your posts

  • Ask questions, set quizes

  • Be yourself!

Engagement with others in your community is key

Try using some of our tops tips when using Twitter

Get your book noticed with these additional options!


Standard Book Trailer £75 GBP ($103 USD)

Approximately 20 seconds in length

Text with high quality images and music

Premium Book Trailer £150 GBP ($205 USD)

Approximately 50 seconds in length

Text with high quality images and music

Book Launch Video £75 GBP ($103 USD) per 20 seconds

Film yourself introducing your book and we'll edit it into a high quality video suitable for sharing

There's no better way to build anticipation or launch your book on social media and website than with a short video.



Looking to get noticed in your local printed or online media?

We can provide you with a professionally written press release and a list of contacts suitable for your area.*

Press Release £50 GBP ($70 USD)

Using our reliable format, we research your book using the information you provide us with, and include relevant reviews and quotes, to create a first-class press release of around 400 words.

*Contacts available for UK clients only


Remember you can email us or arrange a face-to-face Zoom consultation to discuss your requirements in more detail.