Soulstice by Lucie Guerre

Today starts a new theme for my blog: promoting self-published writers.

First up is Lucie Guerre with her poetry collection, Soulstice. 

Read on for a short article by Guerre, discussing her work and inspiration.

"My poetry collection, Soulstice, was inspired by the events in my life that have shaped me, whether it was the loss of my grandparents, falling in love, or even the traumatic experiences such as my rape and abuse, I found writing poetry about it to be very cathartic and healing.

I have found confessional poetry to really shape the poetry I have written; for example, before reading Anne Sexton, I thought poetry had to be beautiful and bright.


Now, I know poetry can express dark emotions as well as the beautiful and bright.


I was also highly influenced by a book of poetry called, I Wrote This For You.

It is a lovely collection that has some exquisite poems in it.


I found myself influenced by poetic authors who write fiction such as Simon van Booy, Jeanette Winterson, and Sandra Cisneros.

To be completely honest, however, it was my experiences and my own translations of them that have inspired my pen.

I have been writing for over twenty years now, and I plan on continuing to write until I can no longer. In addition to writing poetry, I write short stories, novels, and plays."

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