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Who are we?

Softwood Self-Publishing was founded in 2017 by Maddy Glenn to answer a growing demand for high quality yet affordable publishing services. Since then, it has gone on to be one of the most successful small businesses of its kind with awards and accolades from the Surrey Enterprise Awards and the Mid Suffolk & Babergh District Council Innovation Awards.


In 2022, Softwood was announced the Self-Publishing Specialists of the Year in London and the South-East by the Prestige Awards, an accolade they have won again in 2023.

Now located in Stowmarket in Suffolk (UK), the business provides professional editing, design, printing, distribution, and marketing services to authors, local businesses, and multinational companies. We're proud of the expertise we've assembled in our team of creatives, who work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the best possible results whilst enjoying the highest standards of customer service.

Our team

Softwood Self-Publishing wins publishing award
Maddy Glenn, Softwood Self-Publishing



Meet Maddy, a dynamic force in the world of independent publishing. As an associate artist of the National Centre for Writing and a finalist for the 2023 FSB Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Maddy is a passionate advocate for helping others achieve their dreams. Maddy's extensive experience in editing fiction and non-fiction has earned her a reputation as a skilled and reliable editor. With two published books under her belt and her third book due in 2024, Maddy knows first-hand the hard work and dedication it takes to bring a book to life.

Ashley Bowdler, Head of Client Services, Softwood Self-Publishing


Head of Client Services

Ashley has over 15 years experience as a Senior Manager and leader across many sectors. Focussed on building relationships with both clients and partners, he carries enthusiasm and determination to exceed expectations into every aspect of his work.

Jasmine Higgins, Publishing Assistant at Softwood Self-Publishing


Illustrator & Publishing Assistant

As an illustrator and social media content designer, Jasmine is deeply committed to producing impactful visual content for books of every genre. With a Master's in Publishing and a Bachelor's in Fine Art, she has honed her expertise as both a publishing specialist and a versatile artist, continually expanding her impressive portfolio. She has self-published two of her own poetry books which can be found here.

Book design at Softwood Self-Publishing


Associate Designer

Claire has been a cover designer and brand specialist for over 20 years and she is passionate about creating bold, conceptual covers and on-brand promotional toolkits to draw readers in to promote your story. Her book branding skills are very popular with authors looking to create a consistent visual world.

Maddy Glenn, Softwood Self-Publishing


Creative Director

Introducing Nathan, a seasoned professional in the world of digital communications. With over 15 years of experience, Nathan is a specialist in social media marketing and strategy implementation. His expertise in managing clients' publishing projects and creating impactful social media marketing strategies has earned him a reputation as a reliable and effective partner. He is dedicated to providing top-quality service and is committed to delivering results that exceed expectations. When he's not busy helping his clients grow their online presence, Nathan enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest trends in social media and exploring new ways to connect with audiences.

Book design at Softwood Self-Publishing



Carl is a creative professional with almost three decades of experience. He has vast experience in publishing having worked at senior level for an international contract publisher for over 20 years. Extremely dedicated, with a keen eye for detail and an incredibly varied skill set, Carl seeks to provide clients with a final publication that exceeds their expectations.

Becca Errington, Editing editor at Softwood Self-Publishing


Editing Assistant

Becca joined Softwood in 2023 as an editor, having earned an undergraduate degree in English Literature and an MA in English. In addition to her academic credentials, Becca has a customer-service background, collaborating with clients in a professional and reassuring way to achieve their desired outcomes. She is enthusiastic about various forms of literature and values the unique perspective of each writer, prioritizing their vision. Becca also likes to write when she can, which enables her to appreciate the effort that authors put into their work.

Abbie Starling headshot.jpeg


Editing Assistant

With a passion for reading and the English language, Abbie decided to turn her hobby into a career. In addition to her qualifications and knowledge, she has extensive customer service experience behind her. This means she ensures clients’ requests, views, and voices will always be recognised and respected throughout their time working with her. 

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