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Expand your global reach

Our print and distribution service is a game changer for authors, making your books available to thousands of retailers and customers around the world.

Print-on-demand self-published books with Softwood Self-Publishing

What are your print and distribution options?


Printing a stock of books

gives you the opportunity to sell copies yourself, at events or through your own website, directly to the customer. Lower unit costs provide a greater profit.


Global Print-on-Demand

allows your book to be sold and distributed through platforms such as Amazon, Waterstones, and Barnes & Noble, only printed when ordered!

Print-on-demand book services provide authors with the freedom to
self-publish without upfront costs while minimising waste by producing copies as needed. Readers benefit from access to a diverse range of titles and faster distribution, promoting a more sustainable and accessible publishing model.

How does our print-on-demand service work?

Contact us today to register your interest and receive more information

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Why having a stock of books can boost your success

Book stock

Cost efficiency

Bulk printing lowers the cost per book, enhancing potential profits.

Event readiness

Immediate availability of physical copies for book signings, events, and local sales.

Personal Engagement

Physical copies enable personal connections and interactions with readers.


Authors should be mindful of storage requirements, potential wastage, and unsold inventory.


Tell us about your book so that we can obtain an accurate quote for printing a stock of books

I would recommend Softwood to any Indie author looking for a great service. The end result was exactly what I was after.

Our books arrived this morning and look amazing - all we had hoped for, and more. Softwood made it all so easy - they were there to guide us through what needed to be done.

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