Do you have a book you want to publish but don't know how?

From the very start of your writing journey, through the development and editing of your manuscript to querying agents or sending it to your own printers, and even developing marketing strategies, we can help guide you along the way. The authors we work with stay in control!

Maddy Glenn, Founder & CEO of Softwood

Your journey to publishing

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Fully bespoke service
Free sample edits and live editing
Zoom consultations
Multi-national payment plans
We take 0% of your book sales

Our Editing Services

Suitable prior to traditional publishing or self-publishing for both fiction and non-fiction.

 Also available for business and academic articles and documents.

Towards Self-Publishing

Now that your manuscript is edited, what is your next step?

Coaching and Courses

Developing your writing style and strategies under our professional guidance.

Writing on a Notebook

"Maddy understood my anxieties on every level and was a calm and positive presence from the first moment we decided to work together." 

Carolyn Goodman, June 2019

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