Publishing your book

From the very start of your writing journey, from the development and editing of your manuscript through to querying agents or developing a social media marketing strategy, we can help guide you along the way. The authors we work with, wherever they are in the world, stay in full financial and creative control and enjoy the highest standards of professional customer service. We look forward to hearing from you!

Maddy Glenn, Founder & CEO of Softwood

What do you want to do?


Have my book edited

Whether you are looking for a proofread, copy-edit, or full content (developmental) edit of your manuscript, request a free sample today.

Format my book

Get your novel or non-fiction book formatted for eBook and print with us.

Design a front cover

Get an eye-catching cover design as well as book branding material for your Instagram account from our designer.

Print my book

We work with UK-based printers who guarantee the highest standards of print quality and service. 

Market my book

Get your book noticed on social media with one of our bespoke strategy guides and management solutions.

Seek advice

Not sure how to proceed? Email us today to arrange a publishing consultation to find out what might be the best route for you.

Our critique service

Are you looking for good, honest, professional feedback on your manuscript? Our critiques will help you make informed decisions about which step to take next.

These are particularly useful for writers who haven't finished their manuscripts and are looking for regular feedback.

Why choose Softwood?

The best writing and publishing experience:

How we start

We offer free 1000-word sample edits to all of our clients to ensure we're a good match. You can then choose any or all of our services to continue your journey to publishing.

How we continue

You won't be waiting for our emails and you certainly won't be waiting for us to answer the phone. We also offer Zoom calls for a face-to-face opportunity to chat through your projects.

How we end

We don't take any of your book's profits.

You have been in full financial and creative control for the whole journey. We've even designed a bespoke payment plan to fit your situation and currency.

Check out our testimonials to see why our clients return to us.


Self-publishing workshops

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Are you planning a book festival, library, or literary event in 2021/22?

Find out why a Softwood workshop could benefit your audience and how we can help you inspire your local authors to take control of their self-publishing journey.


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